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sigh two more mods are sposed to come out... idk why its taking soo long
anyways guys, the ms2 hype is slowly dying cuz now betas over. So for now our main priority is getting players who are still interested in playing. And planning how the guild is going to function and how we'll fund all the plans. Some of my ideas regarding the guild are here:

-Weekly Dungeon Based events
-Guild Clothing (Capes, Caps, Masks, Backpacks)
-PVP Competitions and Rewards
-Area Boss/Elite boss hunting
-Guild House parties, and Conferences.
-Item auctioning events.
-Few more confidential ideas, only meant for guild members.

To make these things happen we need planning, and more people to input ideas and think out of the box.

405 Apr 2015 Clouds

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