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So guys do you think we need a name change? and if so what should we change our name to?

Also one more thing guys, the guild doesnt seem to be growing much, idk why.. ive posted around on multiple websites and talked to many people. Its not a bad thing, nor is it a good thing, i guess.. People just dont seem to care.

I have great plans for this guild and im sure it'll be huge once the game starts, cuz thats our chance to recruit as many people as we can. But this doesnt mean invite random people, recruitment conditions are the player must be a friend of some sort who you like and would like to hang out later with. I think when it comes to guilds, quality>quantity. Therefore our only priority is to recruit fun, mature players.

And about the final testing, whoever gets in, idk make the guild and try recruiting people. If i get in, I probably wont have time cuz my final exams are around that time. So ill proly give it to whoever wants to play.

Lastly and most importantly, guys i want everyones skype name, so i can add all you guys and we can start making plans and getting to know each other. So mail me ur skype names and lets get shit done.

576 Apr 2015 Clouds

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