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BLACK ROCK SHUUTAAA! Another theme design for female Heavy Gunners, I found myself surprised at the repeat count for Black Rock Shooter Game Opening whilst I made this O_O All that went in my head was badass mapler destroying mobs BRS style.

Note: I am aware the V at the front is exposed, I'm hoping that's not the case pray pray. That and flat chest boob shadows...its hard because its flat, it ended up disappearing into the abyss when I converted it back to 512 resolution anyway -_- . Funniest Moments, when shading the main color of the jacket, I went full out UNLIMITED POWERRRRR then knocked my funny bone on the wall.... and my most said words/phrases are probably -Does this look ok?- -Boob shadows!- props to guild for dealing with my shenanigans -_-

Black Rock Shooter Top (F)


5 6393 Apr 2015

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