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Screen, Adventurer, Deimos, Novice, Class
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March 6, 2014

** Translation by @Bromguardian **
>Hello, it's Nemi.
>Long time no see.
>Today, we'll talk about the class of Maplestory2,( untranslatable part), Deimos and many people were curious about.
>As some of you might guess through the polaroid image published on March 4, you'll begin as a novice dreaming of wonderful adventure in Maplestory2.
>After then, while going through a lot of work and traveling here and there, meet the wise who will lead you,
>specialization with his help and grown as a full-fledged adventurer.
>we'll let you know one by one in next posting about the wise waiting for you and what adventurer you'll be.



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I've been watching your videos to catch up on my MS2 info! Keep up the good work!

Mar 2015

@Bickslow: Yeah it really is! A lot of MMOs have started really supporting their wikis, but it's really cool to see a game have a 1st-party encyclopedia!

Apr 2015
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