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MapleStory2 Ranger revealed

>Thanks to the outstanding vision and strength
>Once the arrow is fired
>Even the enemy no matter how far
>Never deviate law.
>This sleek and lightweight body
>Colorful movement in an emergency
>Nubinda devastated battlefield and enemy .

>Ranger is a legendary archer ' and Munster ' founded by vigilante The Green Hood ' affiliation , captain of five ' Oscar ' under the command of a >Hennessy 's and the surrounding areas of these boundaries were monitored . Tri Su Hennessy know because geographically closer relationship between the royal family and the green hood than seemingly as shown , but they are related to the royal family and informal activities carried out in secret , but there is a rumor , but it is not known exactly .

>Rangers cool, dense when dealing with animals , but also shows an innocent look . Reassuring them always tagging along and who is closer to the eagle friends.



2 2823 Apr 2014

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