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Screen, Qualifications, JobPlacement, Battlefield, Clever
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[ Job Placement ] Priest

>Teaching of God's miracles priest.
>Shining a light on the battlefield alone, and the same Priest
>Ally to take care of sacred power .
>Indeed the original line
>But has a warm heart
>When we sin, blinking back facing the enemy
>Punishment of intense light may be flatly .
>Priest of God is teaching them to convey more emotional stability and hope to give the minister dispatched to the private palaces . These are the sacred aura of calm and silence of the people brighten their lives and keep the side reveals .
>Divine power and divine blessing dwells hall filled with the language of the Code, Priest , holding the world to save the party , they walked in the way of many. However, patience and unshakable serenity gifted , clever and quick judgment and must meet those qualifications is never easy given the length of it .

Original text
>직�--...소개] �"�리스트

>� 의 가르침으로 기� �을 �-�하�" 성직자.
>� �장�--�서 홀로 빛나�" �"�불과도 같은 �"�리스트�"
>성스러운 힘으로 아군을 보살핀다.
>본래 천성이 � 하�
>�"�뜻한 마음을 지니� 있지만
>죄�...�--� 휩싸인 � �을 마주�-�을 때�"
>강� �한 빛으로 단호하게 벌하기도 한다.
>�"�리스트�" 보다 많은 이�"��--�게 � 의 가르침을 � �하� � �서� � 안� �과 희망을 주기 위해 궁�--�서 민간�--� 파견한 성직자이다. 이�"�은 온�"하� 성스러운 기운으로 묵묵히 주민�"�의 곁을 지키며 그�"�의 삶을 환하게 밝혀준다.
>� 성한 힘이 깃�" 홀과 � 이 내린 축복의 �-��-�로 가�"�한 법� �을 �"�� 세상을 구원하�" �"�리스트의 길을 걷� 자 하�" 이�"�은 많다. >그러나 타� 난 인내� �과 �"�"�리지 않�" 평� �심, 현�...하� � 른 판단� �을 �-춰야 그 자격이 주�-�지�" 결�" 쉽지 않은 길이라� 한다.



6 8 3195 Apr 2014



I think it's adorable o//u//o
-collects all mounts-

Apr 2015
Stellaria avatar

Awwh <3
To think I used to be afraid of Evil Eyes too XD (..Wait I still kinda am ._.)

Apr 2015

This is awesome! Totally want one of those!

Apr 2015

Have they said how to obtain these mounts? Is it a random drop from the monster or purchasable with mesos/nx?

Apr 2015

Onion said in one of his streams that mounts of monsters can be dropped by them as a random drop i think...or you have to kill a certain amount of them.

Apr 2015

@KurryKing, that is what I got from it - also probably being able to purchase them for X amount of meso. Pretty sure the duck mount is free for all once you hit level ten or something

Apr 2015

When I first started playing Maple, one of my goals was to be able to kill one... Got to be one of my favorite monsters of all time.

Apr 2015
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