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The Empress Ereb
February 21, 2014

It was then.
There was an aura of sadness in her eyes when she passed by.
Even those she was talking with could not notice that one moment.
Quickly, Ereb returned to looking happy with her bright and gentle smile, and the Empress' Garden regained its warm sunshine.
But after walking away, she seemed different than usual.
Like a little bird trembling before a storm's waves.

With a responsibility to take care of the world's well-being, the dedication and respect of everyone in Maple World, it might be too much weight for her fragile shoulders.

In the Traia Palace's Garden stood someone unknown.
She shook with fear as she saw the identity of the threat.[/quote]

The Empress Ereb


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Woah, a tower defense mini-game? I haven't heard anything about this before, but it looks intense! I'm definitely interested in this.

Feb 2015
roxyxen avatar

Time to jump on the MapleStory 2 Hype Train! Again!

Feb 2015

@Chaoxdriver yea my wife was excited about that too! @roxyxen I am completely stoked and my wife even said that she's going to take off from work when this comes out, lol!

Feb 2015

Maplestory 2 is always full of surprises! I'm so glad.

May 2015
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