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Screen, Berserker, art, Ign, Ppl
Hi I just joined the forum because I wanted to find some friends to play together ;_;
I can read korean so if you need help with quests or pqs I'll be glad to help you.
I'm also looking for ppl who can do pqs with me.
If you leave your ign in comment I'll add you since my ign is in korean lol.
I'm mostly on in the evening (PST/PDT US.

47 berserker looking for friends

6 781 September 2015


If you could help me setup an account i would gladly play with you whenever you want ^^ (now seriously if you know someone who can help me setup an account please contact me)
March 19
Mirachuuu avatar
Hi, I recently bought an account at OBTGame and needed a friend to guide me through the korean website T___T. I love MS1 and really really desperate to play MS2 !! Waaaah.
May 14

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