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Stellaria avatar

Ahhh soo adorable >3<
*Hugs them and dies from kawaii*
My ghost: "Wait whats white day o.o"

Mar 2015

@stellaria Lol You know how girls give gifts/chocolates to guys on Valentine's Day? White Day is 1 month after Valentine's Day and boys give gifts/chocolate to girls instead.

Mar 2015

They all are NPCs from MS2 ahaha..adorable. <3

Mar 2015

Only its popular in Japan, Korea,Taiwan but MAINLY Japan

Mar 2015

@Stellaria America needs more important things than White Day. "Stuffed" breads for example, you can't get that anywhere around here, saddens me greatly.

Mar 2015

The three in the middle remind me of Kakashi, Honey, and G-Dragon. xD

Mar 2015

Guy on the far left lookin' like a BEAST. Kids should be taking NOTES.

Apr 2015
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