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Screen, FirePrayer, art
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Fire Prayer
February 5, 2014

Fire Prayer


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The mage skills look very nice, but that gryphon looked absolutely amazing. I think they're meshing the old with the new quite well-- better than I could have imagined. It seems you need crystals to level-up the skills. I'm not too sure how that mechanic is going to work, but I will have faith in Wizet.

Jan 2015

I'm really interested in those crystals... Using them to upgrade your skills and abilities seems pretty cool! It looks like you could be in some trouble if you continually level up but don't have enough crystals to upgrade your skills.

Jan 2015

I don't know how I feel about this crystal restriction for leveling skills... Hopefully they're very easy to get.

Jan 2015

I hope these crystals will give some kind of visual change to the skills, just like your basic 1st job skill did in Maplestory pre bb

Jan 2015
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