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Originally posted Nov 7, 2013

Q1. What is the difference between 'MapleStory' and 'MapleStory 2?

'MapleStory 2 is a full 3D MMORPG with a quarter view. It is being developed as a distinct game.

Q2. Will 'MapleStory' and 'MapleStory 2 have the same worlds, characters, and monsters?

'MapleStory 2 takes place in a world from a previous time period. Some monsters and areas from 'MapleStory' might show up but 'MapleStory 2 is being developed to have different and interesting characteristics.

Q3. Will 'MapleStory' and 'MapleStory 2 have connected service between the two games?

As said before, 'MapleStory 2 is a completely different game and will not connect services with 'MapleStory'. However, users might be able to enjoy some of the same content or events in both games.

Q4. Do 'MapleStory' and 'MapleStory 2 have the same development team?

They are different. 'MapleStory' is being worked on in the Maple headquarters while 'MapleStory 2 will be developed at another headquarters.

Q5. When is service scheduled for 'MapleStory 2?

Next year (2014) will see the release of the first user testing.

Q6. When 'MapleStory 2 comes out, will 'MapleStory' end?

No. 'MapleStory' and 'MapleStory 2 are different games and you will be able to have distinct experiences with both. Nexon plans to continue to support and grow both games.

Q7. Now that 'MapleStory 2 has been announced, where can I keep up to date about news?

The 'MapleStory 2 teaser page which is now open to the public will have all the latest about the game's development.

MapleStory2 First FAQ


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Can someone translate what the video says? Like I believe it's something about copyright and what you can or can't use for UGC content but still not sure.

Apr 2015

I imagine that its warning players to not use Copyrighted Logos or trademarks and a slight note of no personal pics. This is just speculation though as I do not know the Korean language... ._.

May 2015
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