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@budubu: can you do much with a home? People can come inside and chat? Are you able to lock it up so you can select who can/can't enter?

Lots of potential with this if you can setup little mini-games inside for you and your buddies.

Jul 2015

@captain From what I seen anyone can enter at any time. I do not believe you can lock your home as of right now but maybe in the future? Also your home is on all 200 chs in the game and acts like a free teleport. You are also right about making your own mini games. I went into one house that was basically a home made jump quest. It was really cool.

Jul 2015

To bad we can't change screen angles would be so great to see each room perfectly~

Jul 2015

@fiction i could take a little video or more pics if you want to see it better. you can actually walk in the basement area and theres a hallway leading to the kitchen because that stupid cat likes to block my path sometimes. grr

Jul 2015
Ching avatar

75k? Geez, how much does it cost to buy a home?

Jul 2015
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