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Great, will definitely watch this when I'm done with work.

Jun 2015

Hey guys, first off I like your discussions and I heard all of them.
Which song is playing in the background and is the background picture an official maplestory 2 picture?

Jun 2015

@Quantum Hoping you enjoyed! =]
@NetMinder Thanks brotha
@LalleFunkuba I have many different songs playing in the back, all MS2 BGM's aside from the Cash Shop BGM which was from MS1, and yes the background picture I used for the beginning and end are official MapleStory 2 pictures.

Jun 2015

Wooo! PermaBeginners got a shout out (of sorts). haha

Jun 2015

Email: ScrewYou at yahoo.com
Password: screwyou
Huh... easy enough to remember haha
You could always reset the password to OnionJuice, no one would ever guess it!
But anyway, great discussion! I'm glad to see onion join you because it's my two main sources of MS2 data combined! haha One thing I must say is, crossbowman confirmed! haha it's funny to see an old class just used as a small detail to fight a boss haha It's like when the spear wielding guards from Tria that are in certain maps will attack monsters if they get too close, so they have spear attacking animations in the game, why isn't it a class? haha

Jun 2015
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