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First screenshot of MapleStory2 PVP - Player vs Player.

PVP - Player vs Player


1 12 4121 Jul 2014



@Demonlord ...isn't there always? and I didn't like SAO I:
There are some other cool looks I've seen online too Apparently someone used Terry Crews face as a mask hahaha

Feb 2015

This is so great but how about Asuna? I want to see more characters.

Feb 2015

@LeeJunWei I'm actually working on a lot of anime characters' outfits, and one I have nearly finished is actually Asuna's! Look forward to it when the game releases!

Feb 2015

@Yosuke: Work on some good anime chars please, make a Gintoki or a Maka berserker wielding a Soul Eater Evans Scythe, not these trash.

Feb 2015

This is nice, but i'm really starting to hate the fact that almost in every game i play, SOMEBODY has to make their character look similar to either, Eren from AoT or Kirito from SAO... What happened to all the other good anime's like One-Piece or Full Metal Alchemist?

Mar 2015

@ShadowsFortune you know thats true maybe we should make different characters,hmmm how about yugi muto from yu-gi-oh as a mage?

Mar 2015
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