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Slimes and Mushrooms
January 31, 2014

Slimes and Mushrooms


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Looks interesting... Can't wait for a translation!

P.S. It's really cool how the GM's characters look so unique! Makes them easy to pick out =)

Jan 2015
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Aww that was awesome!

Yeah, and the emotion that GM Laura did at 1:00 of the video.. I want to know what it means! It's so adorable! *explodes of cuteness*

Jan 2015

Here is a quick translation I prepared for those like me who want to know everything about MS2 . The only useful information was the name of the city "Queenstown."

GM Larua tells:
Maplestory 2 CBT Honey(?) Tip!
How to participate in Game Events

Monsters! Let the hunt begin~!
An event message will appear. Tada! What is that floating there? The event message appears; press the M key to open the groundhog map! Click quickly before it disappears!
(You) suddenly appear in Queenstown~
By pressing the TAB key, I can see the location of the events portal.

(This next part can't be literally translated, but I think it means: )
After going to Queenstown, there will be a portal back to where you came from for two minutes.
You have only two minutes to enter the event portal.

I can automatically participate in voila(?) events~ Now, shall we enjoy the fun events?
GM Laura just participated in the event that was promised. GM Laura honey(?) tip.
(SPOKEN: ) Bye.

Jan 2015
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