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Sweet White Day, March 14, 2014

Sweet White Day


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I love the way priests play, and I'm definitely going to main one! Unfortunately, this video doesn't do a great job of showing off what priests can do (considering that the character being played is only level 10) =/ Priests have some really cool high level skills! It's gonna be fun playing them in a party =p

Mar 2015

I too will be a priest main! I really want to see just how much they can do especially when combining with a knight or a wizard. Knights have the shield wall and priests have the def buff, whereas wizards can buff the magic power of nearby allies plus priest can also buff themselves with magic power and heal groups a ton more. Crowd Control is what I can't wait for especially that knockback ward! Man can't wait for more info!

Mar 2015

I def wana try a priest character at some point, never been a support in an MMO but MS2 is really making priest look fun to play! (this video doesn't show any cool skills, but hey, he looks pretty strong for going up against same level enemies)

Mar 2015

Priest look freaking insane. I'm definitely going to make me a buncha Priest friends ^_^

Apr 2015

Priests are love in MS, definitely going to be one of my characters, along side with Ranger, Heavy Gunner and Thief.

Apr 2015

@KurryKing: Yeah, seeing how all the classes can work together in a party is gonna be awesome! And considering what I've seen of the stronger bosses, it's gonna be necessary to defeat them @[email protected]

Apr 2015
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