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I watched a streamer try to do this: you need 50 of an item that is dropped by a monster near Zakum's boss gate. After that, you have to craft those items together at that shrine to get the "key" to open the boss gate. Unfortunately, the shrine was bugged for most of the CBT (it was supposed to activate after a quest, but it didn't), so most people couldn't see Zakum =/

Jan 2015

@chaoxdriver Were you up watching Onion too? I was so excited for him to see Zakum so I was really upset when he found out that quest was bugged. If that quest wasn't bugged, we'd probably have a lot more videos of Zakum!

Jan 2015

@PKBlast Yup, I was watching his stream (he did an awesome job of explaining everything!) I was really sad that the quest was bugged... I've only seen one video of Zakum (the one on this site) and it doesn't do a very good job of showing him off... He does look like an epic boss though!

Jan 2015

It isn't my best translation, but it's all I can do. Hope you all like it anyway!

GM Laura's Maplestory 2 CBT Tips
Let's challenge zakum!

It's already the last day of the CBT... T-T
Today has been quiet; let's heat things up a bit!
Would you like to see Zakum? The Zakum dungeon is rumored to have a blazing lava road... that will rise up.
Aww! The entrance to this place is blocked! Now where do we go? Eyes of fire are needed!
I need a special item to open the entrance to the dungeon boss. To obtain the Eye of Fire, I have to kill the Lava Golem. The *Regular Hell Fire* dropped from the golem.

(I think they made a joke about needing to sleep after getting 50 regular hell fire)

Oeeoya the Order of Fire emerges. (The thing that turns the 50 Hell Fire into an Eye of Fire)
Do not forget [Eye of Fire]! Now let's go. It is possible to enter with a party.
Aghh! This fearsome voice? Do we need to challenge Zakum?

GM Laura's Tip: Zakum! Complete <3

Feb 2015

@LordH1147 It's not released, but either way, the only place you should ever go to look for it is through the Nexon website (possibly Steam as well). Don't download from any other source.

Feb 2015
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