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you have to grindon channel 1-20 with people. its lot faster. you just hit time and can get full exp. go to places that are several level above you and tap once and cycle like that with 40+ other people.

Jul 2015

PQ gives alot of exp if you have someone to carry you through it

Jul 2015

you can add me too. I can give you some good equips for lvl 25~30. Since i never sell the blue ones, and just stack em in storage lol.. ign is my name ^

Jul 2015

@kudou Thank you very much ! I will add you
@sinii thanks for the tip I think I'm too low level tho? people wouldnt want me? :c

Jul 2015

you can add me if you want: Yami
We can struggle leveling together since all the ranged characters take the glory from berserkers ):

Jul 2015

add me too plz! fellow zerker IGN cloudd

Jul 2015
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