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do you need an owl (or similar) to search for stuff or is it super quick / you don't have to go through 300 FM rooms...?

Jul 2015

I cant sell equipment of other jobs, why is that?

Jul 2015

@Captain no owl is needed nor do you need to search through FM rooms like MS1. It's basically an auction house system like KMS had in the Red update and other mmos. However, like @Joker stated from my knowledge there is no way to search other jobs. Unless you need to search it manually. If so people who do not know Korean will not be able to look up prices of other jobs. You can sell other job equipment but you only see one job when search. That being priest I believe or mages. Whichever has the book as there weapon.

Jul 2015

Black Market Search Translation

The search is fairly easy and you can search for items by level requirement, type, job, etc. Hope this helps~

1st Option
-Defense Equip (Book/Shield)
-Misc (Potions, monster drops, skill books, etc.)

2nd Option
Under Weapon:
-One Handed Sword
-Throwing Knives
-2 Handed Sword

Under Armour:
-One Piece Armour

Under Accessory:
-Face Accessory
-Eye Accessory

Under House:
-Building Materials

Under Misc:
-Skill Book

3rd Option (Jobs):
-Heavy Gunner

4th Option:
Level Range

5th Option:
-All types
-Rare Types
-Elite Types
-Excellent Types
-Legendary Types
-Artifact Types

6th Option:
Name of item

Jul 2015
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