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What do you want from your guild? What do you want the focus to be? Should the guild raid etc?
Tell me! I'm definitely curios!
I also hope that all my fellow guildm8s tell me their opinion!
Cya 7

2 6 1492 Jan 2015



As you might know, Maplestory 2 is out. However, when you login and press the play button a window pops up. You need a Korean Phone Number for security purposes. Do you know if there's a way to skip the step?

Jul 2015

There is not. You must verify your account with a Korean phone number or purchase a verified account from OBTgame or NewGameWay.

Jul 2015

so i need to buy something?
in the OBTgame NewGameWay?

Jul 2015

Can play pretty soon but I've got work cri

Jul 2015

so may i ask why was i able to log in and create a character before?

Jul 2015

@DarkAngelZxZ Do you mean when they had the thing where anyone with an account could create their character? because the current "needing a verified account" is fairly recent.

Jul 2015
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