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Just an FYI that adding screens, videos and other bits that were broken are now fixed.nnThanks for your patience!

4 7 1267 Aug 2015



the maplestory 2 website has been updated you can now pick a avatar when you post similer to here but the avatars give you a taste of what the in game sprites will look like. you guys should check it out looks fancy. now this one needs to be updated.

Mar 2014

I like these new avatars!
Hopefully as more and more news about MS2 appears we'll have more sprites to choose from!
Maybe even monster heads!
oops i might have clicked the exclamation point!

Mar 2014

Oh my god this looks so fun and awesome!
Interactive boss battles, with loads of people and social interaction.
This is the maple that I want to play!

Oct 2014

that was pretty awesome reminded me of ms1 old zak runs with like 3 parties just for a helm

Oct 2014
Stellaria avatar

the griffon is my favorite boss so far, it looks so much fun

Oct 2014
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