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Hi all,

I just wanted to drop a quick note about the launch of our [Here's the link to add a listing](http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Listings]Listings feature[/url]! This is the perfect place to drop a note if you're looking for friends to train / boss / pq / guild with. [url=http://www.maplestory2.tv/add/listing)


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So what kinds of mage-classes do y'all expect? Would you like to see the classic i/l and f/p return or something new? Personally, I would like and elemental kind of mage and a cosmic/dark kind of mage similar to DragonNest.

Mar 2014

Maybe Necromancer a darker mage,but might not go so well with maplestory theme.

Mar 2014

I'm not gonna be a Magician BUT, since they have a Wizard I would expect to c more than just two elements "Fire/Ice". So add more elements to the game for example Wind or poison...This will make Wizards different from each other in term of "specialization"...
Perhaps some boss's are weak to Ice and some really strong against Ice so u would need different players with different set of skills.

Apr 2014

A lot of games these days have skill-trees. So maybe you would just have "Wizard", and then you specialize based on the skills you pick, which would be from different elements.

Apr 2014

We already know there's a healer and a wizard, which I think is about all the specialization we'll get at least in terms of title. My guess will be that skills will allow for any sort of further specialization, but I'm hoping not everything will be heavily elemental.

Aug 2014

A mage that is similar to a battle mage should be fine.

Aug 2014

Like a wizard who summons maybe the undead or uses dark spells

Sep 2014

@StrongLing Actually, there's a Sub-Class of Priest called Exorcist, I think. Perhaps they'll use 'em, or somethin' like that.

Sep 2014

I'm definitely going to main a Priest, because I love how diverse they are! They can be a great asset to a party, but they seem to be completely capable of being on their own too.

Dec 2014

I've read that there was evidence for the existence of classes titled exorcist and illusionist in the game files, though I'm not sure that it's clear whether these are still intended to be a part of the game or not. Also, the wizard's abilities include fire lord, ice lord, and lightning lord, which increase their the damage of abilities in their respective elements. I wouldn't be surprised to see further specialization in a 2nd job advance.

Apr 2015
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