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Hi all, hope you're having a good summer and enjoying the game!

Just thought I'd update you all that I've put up an [do so here](http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Players]English-speaking player list[/url] on the site. It's based off of the player section on our site, so if you haven't added your player yet, you can [url=http://www.maplestory2.tv/add/player).


20 1712 Jul 2015



Down the line i know they will add one a lot off mmos have 3+ branches. i think mage will be battle mage. cant have a mmo without one am i right?

Mar 2014

I just want to keep the original/simple theme old MS1 had.

Mar 2014

I wish they come up with something weird and unique, but not as dumb as those new jobs in MS1.

Mar 2014

A weird and unique name for a class hmmmm how about NPC defiler for bandit.

Mar 2014

Part of me to be honest actually hopes that the third job branch for mages will be where you finally get to use elements. However, this is my hope if third job is the final branch.

If there is a fourth job for magicians, I definitely hope to see this
1st Job (no elements. Just magic) -> 2nd job (Elements)->3rd job (Combination of different elements) OR (debuffer and support like Saboteur class from Final Fantasy 13)->4th job (Able to use many elements, combinations) OR (extreme debuffer. Also, extreme supportive. Will be weaker but has many buffs).

For warrior I want to see Beserker be the attacking warrior class so at 3rd job (or 4th if there is) the beserker will have major attacking moves, but at the cost of HP or low defense.

I also want to see a Defensive Warrior class some time at 2nd job. That means at 2nd you can become a beserker or defensive Page (Paladin).
I hope to see a third job Paladin with high defense with the potential of having high damage at certain times.

Mar 2014

I don't want to see that ^ ^ ^ I'd like it if they gave each class specialization but not so much that they're on the end of the spectrum. Classic Maplestory, the classes varied but not to the extent that playing one job meant all of this and nothing of that. Dragon Knights were the attacking class, especially when they became Dark Knights because they were given Berserk, where it originally was a 100% damage boost if your Hp was below 30%. But they still had a good amount of defense and survivability: Elemental resistance for example , and they had high Hp. Paladins were the defense ones, but they weren't the defense gods they are now, they did lack attack so that was unbalanced. Though I think their elements made up for it since elements back then did play a role. Heroes were inbetween, both attack and defense. So there was specialization, just not extreme specialization. Maybe I'm interpreting what you're saying @Jesus *shrugs* Also, I think giving Paladin's damage [chance] while giving them high/god defense is quite unbalanced, since Berserkers would only have their damage.

OT: Well since we got Priest and Wizard, maybe Priest will branch off into two types of support: buffer and healer , and wizard will branch into different types of elements.

Apr 2014

Personally I would like to see it to be able to mob efficiently.

Apr 2014

I'd love to see Battle Mage mechanics come back. Those auras and melee mage attacks made it my favorite class in MS1.

Jul 2014

Since I heard the original wizard uses elements like lightning and fire and ice, I'd love to see a neutral mage. Something that has little or no connection to any sort of element. Maybe something with invisible effects like puppeting and summoning or even transformations.

Aug 2014
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Maybe Necromancy? Summon zombies to help you fight and deal dark magic attacks

Sep 2014

Hmm so the job advancements are all in one place, huh.. liking the ost here, pretty calming.

Sep 2014

That might just be for Alpha testing. They might move them to different towns later.

Sep 2014

Yeah I'm pretty sure that like omniscient said, they'd change it upon release. Hopefully, at least, I like the idea of individual 1st job advancement towns rather than all of them being clumped together

Sep 2014
Stellaria avatar

Ooh I cant wait to see where it goes from here

They are still making skills for berserker, gunner and thief

Oct 2014

i heard 3rd branches are" illusionist, lancer, tamer and exorcist". guessing exorcist is for mages

Dec 2014

I need black magic magician! I loved to see this on MS 2.

Dec 2014


Hah, naw, just playin'... but, maybe Swag-Master. But, actually, perhaps a monk or somethin'? Like, someone who uses magic, but channels it through these Braces on their wrists, where of whom the magic embedded into the Bracelets was pulsated through the hosts' veins, until being normalized by the owner, where they take control of it, and use it to summon spells, thralls, and PUNCH THE SHIZZLE OUTTA frickers who get in their way? I'd say so. Maybe..

Dec 2014
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