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@Grimm And sup all new guys! Wat's up? I'm still super lazy with skype and all of that, so what about this: Anyone that feels like joining the real PB add me asap My skypename's robert_9816 ... more
@Amiibo , def. Would be awesome to have something like that. I'm new to the guild but I've been thinking about messing around with the clothes textures to come up with some decent looking ones. Maybe I'll use a guild related scheme to get started on to give me a reason and idea to mess with it! I'll post them up here for input and what not whenever I get going on it. ... more
@DTDTD I tried to send you a mail but I guess that you didn't get it ^^ Welcome to the guild, I hope you join us on skype as soon as possible Also to anser your question, Pigbeach never put up a rule about joining multiple guilds since we never knew that you could, and asking our members to choose one guild isn't necessary just yet since the game isn't even released yet Pigbeach will just keep doing their thing and if the members like it they'll keep sticking around ... more
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