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Thief, Playing, Beta, CMS2
Ching avatar

Alright, just started playing in the open beta for CMS2! Having a blast so far!

3 3 3022 Sep 2017


captain avatar

oh cool, I would do Thief too, I think. Keep us posted!

Sep 2017
Septemus avatar

Enjoy your game man Ching! I'm a Rune Blader in 特莱�..., if anyone wanna be friends! IGN is 秋月飞霜 (Gotta blend in with the crowd...)

Sep 2017
Ching avatar

Haha, thanks guys. I changed servers to 明� 港 though, since I just found out my friend just downloaded it and started playing there. Had to recreate, but still sticking with a Thief! Just updated the picture to my new character.

Sep 2017 - Edited: Sep 26 2017
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