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Howdy everyone,

My name is Chad (obviously), I used to be a Mapestory 1 commentator on YouTube but I actually quit MS1 because I felt it got stale. I managed to get my YouTube channel to around 3.2k subscribers back in its prime. I am super interested in Maplestory 2 however and probably will be doing some MS2 commentaries over on YouTube once the game goes live.

Other than that, I am 21 years old, played MS1 since I was 12 years old until I quit (roughly 8 months ago) so I am a long time, seasoned player. Its hard to believe that one game kept me coming back for so many years. I got interested in MS2 because I started listening to the Background Music for Lith Harbor (MS2 BGM) and it brought back so many memories, so I thought I would give MS2 a solid chance to impress me.

My expectations from the guild are as follows: I would like to see a community of either friends, or at least people who get along just fine. I want people to go training with because training alone can get boring fast. I also would like to go bossing with groups of people, that seems fun, and since MS2 bosses seem much more challenging than MS1 bosses, it seems like it will always be a group effort. I want to make new friends that are down to "hang out" whenever, either in-game or over Skype. I would absolutely love to be added to the guild Skype, (I guess private message me here for my Skype details).

If you guys want to know more, just ask. Im a pretty open person.

TLDR: I hope to meet new people and make some friends along the way!

453 Feb 2015 PigBeach

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