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This was the first time using my new Mic, so it may sound weird, plus when we recorded I just got over a nasty cold. Stupid Winter :T

This discussion is 42 minutes and we're breaking down what we've witnessed and was discovered in the Closed Beta! So much stuff, including a more in depth showing of character creations, combat and party play, Party Quests confirmed and probably the BIGGEST shock, Zakum debuting in all it's 3D glory!
Thank yous go out to everyone who have been translating footage and providing information; Orangemushroom, Spadow, Coppersan, and everyone else. We wouldn't be able to get excited, have fun discussing and predicting the possibilities without you guys doing the awesome jobs that you do.
MapleStory2.TV for being super supportive of our show! Be sure to check the site out here and join the growing community as we continue our never ending adventure!

MapleStory2.TV: Maplestory2

Channel_Onion: Youtube

Closed Beta has come to a close and the data has come flooding out in mass! We go into A LOT (but not ALL) of the Information that's surfaced, such as a more in depth showing of Character Creations, Combat and Parties, Party Quests, Jail and Bannings AND holy crap Zakum! also along with all that, we also include funny moments we had witnessed in the streams provided by Channel_Onion. Also thank yous go out to KremeChoco, Spadow and Steperu for the streaming! Thank you for the wonderful viewing!


MapleStory 2 Discussion! Post Beta Breakdown!


7 2043 Feb 2015

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