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tchr12: hey guys someone got any spare acc that he can give me :P
krisio: Hello guys, may I use the account too please
SimmyDeedee: : okay just add me on skype to get the info:
namerpus18: Wow. Great! Please message me info i have the game installed already. Thank you so much
SimmyDeedee: i could you an account i let my friends use. There will be characters so dont erase any of them.
namerpus18: If someone could give me a verified MS2 account, very much appreciated. Need badly, i only have 2 points on my life bar befor
JinxyCostarZ: Ask , he's the one who said it at firstAlso the fact that I refuse to be a downer when it comes to this
Isaac: are you sure about that. where you get that information. No offense.
JinxyCostarZ: It is confirmed to have no IP Block tho
eladd: if there is ip block i'd be fked up anyway, and need buy new account.they cant know my ip though, i can change it any time.
Owlert: I'd recommend waiting about 10-15 minutes after the launch of the game to see if there are any posts about IP blocks. I'll be
eladd: yea cool atleast now i know my account is really using korean vpn im scared of ban.
Owlert: Correct, the game is not open yet, and it will open in 4 hours from this post. At this point, you should be able to get to th
eladd: but still get the error when im inside with korean letters and 7/7/ the game will open in 7 kst? its in 4 hours from now
LightOutside: Hey guys just want to post again letting everyone know that we have a Facebook group that is welcomed to anyone that plans on
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