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General, Gunslinger, Berserker, Berserks, Farther
SgtUBER: I know that it'll be much harder to get mesos and that it takes more hits than Maplestory 1 to kill a monster.
Omniscient1: It was difficult to get mesos in MS1 as well. The only reason why mesos is so easily obtain now is due to a lot factors, but mostly because of botters farming the mesos. Can pretty much guarantee this that mesos will be very hard to obtain at first,but then slowly end up like MS1 and all other mmos where mesos is going be much easier to obtain. it's inevitable that mesos farmers will evade MS2 sooner or later. That being said enjoy it while it lasts because MS2 economy will eventually start to get pretty bad due to hackers. Hopefully it won't be as bad as MS1 though. Here's hoping Nexon has a far better security system for MS2 than it does for MS1.
General, Berserker, Scythe, Class, Crap
Grimm: I need all of the plushies. D:<
WatchGintama: I need that Yeti mug!
General, HeavyGunner, Berserker, Class, Thief
zxcvbnm22: Anyone D/Cing a lot? I literally cannot play because I D/C every 10 seconds, internet seems to be fine as well.
paris: This happens to me when I'm doing world bosses like Griffina.
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