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rauni9000: Hi, i'm brazilian and i've been trying to download this game for more than 24 hours, things is, i don't know a damn word of Korean. I finished the download then a message popped up i pressed yes, after 2 minutes the installer launcher opens, i click on it, it freezes and crashes, i tried openning again but failed miserably, checked for any resting archives inside the "maplestory2" folder, only 2 zip install folders that is said to be corrupted, did i totally messed up !? >:O Sorry for the bad english, i'm in rush !
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Quantum: @Uniboros It'd be nice if they'd prepare daily snacks (potions) for you daily, and if you paid to increase their experience in cooking or whatnot, they make more powerful potions, and in greater amounts. Just an idea that will most likely never happen haha.
Uniboros: @Quantum Oh, I'd LOVE that. That'd be real cool, but... I kind-of hope for this Maid/Butler system to be more unique. Maybe they can give you like, Weekly quests or something (Not daily's, that's real cumbersome) and you can increase your relationship with you, until eventually, they can like... aid you in combat and stuff. I just hope for this thing to be unique and what-not.
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Sonitorum: None. What I would like to see is them just adding content and customization options for the existing classes instead, like different weapon variants and skills and all. I just really don't want to see them overflowing the game with random classes like they did in MS1.
Atoadaso: I would have to agree with Sonitorum. Bringing out new classes from all over the place just tends to mean an overlap of skills. MS1 did quite well with just the original classes. I would just like decent content being released at a steady pace. Also i hope that they bring back the feeling when a rare drop would appear. I remember back in the day when my first ilbi dropped (before BB) i couldn't contain my excitement i almost killed myself running to loot it.... i think that was from a spirit viking back then...