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SgtUBER: I know that it'll be much harder to get mesos and that it takes more hits than Maplestory 1 to kill a monster.
Omniscient1: It was difficult to get mesos in MS1 as well. The only reason why mesos is so easily obtain now is due to a lot factors, but mostly because of botters farming the mesos. Can pretty much guarantee this that mesos will be very hard to obtain at first,but then slowly end up like MS1 and all other mmos where mesos is going be much easier to obtain. it's inevitable that mesos farmers will evade MS2 sooner or later. That being said enjoy it while it lasts because MS2 economy will eventually start to get pretty bad due to hackers. Hopefully it won't be as bad as MS1 though. Here's hoping Nexon has a far better security system for MS2 than it does for MS1.
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Grimm: I need all of the plushies. D:<
WatchGintama: I need that Yeti mug!
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ErizZz: @WatchGintama thanks this actually helps a lot. i really wanted to play berserks but i was so scared everyone wanted to play it. plus if its op in pvp i know what im picking. thanks for the vid
Onachus: I haven't played during the CBT but from what I've seen Heavy Gunners are pretty bad in PvP. Compared to their Ranger counterparts they lack range and mobility but make up for it in AOE and CC abilities though, it doesn't really seem to impact PvP that much. They are just too slow and not nearly as defensive or sustainable as Priest/Knight. Berserkers on the other hand are pretty good, they are super sticky due to their leap ability which uses "EP" (white bar underneath HP/SP). Also, they hit pretty hard and can keep themselves alive by using their drain skill. Berserker does seem like a popular class at the moment just because most people want to play the class that looks the most OP and take advantage of that. But in the future I'm pretty sure some of the better classes will be nerfed and the ones that are lacking will be buffed.
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croco: IGN: Hopip add me :)
captain: Hello, please [url=http://www.maplestory2.tv/add/story]add a story[/url]. Thanks
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Dima747: Does anybody want to start a new character together? Don't like Bandit that much.English / German via. Skype
Matsui: Did someone can share an account with me ? I didn't get in, i can't wait to play this game, if anyone want to share me an account it would be awesome, message me, then skype.
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