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Class Crusader MS2 2nd Archer Art Beginner Berserker Exaple Knight
General, ThanksGuys, Bezerker, Flashy, Thief
Furycall: http://maplestory2.nexon.com/DownloadJust sign up and go on the site, download the launcher and you are on your way.
Class, Thief, Playing, MS1
sinii: Hi, just asking; How do you convert NX cash into MS2 currency, thanksp/s: it does sucks when you messed up that design :<
fiction: You need to go to the cash shop which is the button next to merit market. You then buy merits+helicopters with nx cash. Once you purchase it then you add the the package into your storage and click it to open the merit points and additional helicopters. Gunna try the design feature again in the later future if i ever manage to get a tablet to market some items.
General, HeavyGunner, Berserker, Class, Thief
zxcvbnm22: Anyone D/Cing a lot? I literally cannot play because I D/C every 10 seconds, internet seems to be fine as well.
paris: This happens to me when I'm doing world bosses like Griffina.
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